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How to achieve the goal of localization of semiconductor equipment?

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  The integrated circuit as the core of the semiconductor industry, because of its complexity, the industrial structure has the characteristics of highly specialized, can be subdivided into IC design, chip manufacturing and IC packaging and testing industry of three sub industries. Integrated circuit equipment manufacturing industry to provide equipment for the chip manufacturing industry and IC packaging and testing industry.
IC market is huge, the proportion of the domestic market continues to improve. According to SEMI (International Semiconductor Industry Association), in 2015 the global semiconductor equipment market revenue of $37 billion 300 million, of which the Chinese market revenues of $4 billion 880 million, accounting for 13.09%, representing an increase of $1.43% in 2014. Expected in 2016 China's equipment market revenue was $5 billion 320 million, an increase of 9.02%, accounting for further increased to $14.07%.
But the domestic semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry is the most weak, existence and other links of international leading semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry, the market pattern of scattered in the high-end market is almost completely monopolized by foreign countries, to the integration of the industry. Embodied in the domestic equipment localization rate is low or even decline, production capacity can not meet their needs.
The low rate of domestic production reflects the high threshold of semiconductor equipment to local enterprises. Semiconductor equipment R & D cycle is long, large investment and high risk. The more advanced process equipment cost is high, such as a ASML lithography machine easily is 4, 50 million dollars, and even if it is difficult to successfully enter the international supply chain manufacturers. In this case, the country can only produce 8 inches and part of the first 12 inch 28nm semiconductor equipment, and difficult to break into the supply chain system of large IC manufacturers.
Semiconductor equipment market demand is increasing?
Yesterday, the International Semiconductor Industry Association (SEMI) latest report pointed out that in 2016 the global semiconductor equipment spending is estimated at $36 billion 940 million, only a slight increase of 1.1% compared with 2015, but the 2017 forecast is expected to substantially increase to $41 billion 80 million, compared to 2016 growth of 11.2%.
Type of equipment, wafer handling (Wafer Processing) is a semiconductor device in the next two years the strongest growth momentum is expected to grow 1.9% and 12.8%, respectively; packaging equipment and testing equipment are mediocre, the next two years the growth rate of -5.0% and 4% respectively, the latter is 0.9% and 3%.
According to the area to see, in 2016 the semiconductor equipment spending the fastest growing area is China, the annual growth rate as high as 30.8%, but is expected next year China semiconductor equipment spending growth rate slowed sharply, only 12.9%. South Korea's semiconductor equipment spending is expected to rebound sharply in 2017, 29.5% more than in 2016. But overall, Taiwan is still the world's largest semiconductor equipment market in the next two years, in 2017 the demand for semiconductor devices up to $10 billion 20 million.
Semiconductor equipment industry can complete the "made in China 2015" target?
"2025" for the Chinese manufacturing domestic semiconductor equipment made clear requirements: before 2020, the localization of 90~32 in nano technology equipment localization rate reached 50%, 90 nanometer lithography machine, test key equipment localization rate of 50%. Prior to 2025, 20 to 14 nanometer process equipment localization rate of up to 30%, to achieve localization of immersion lithography. By 2030, the realization of the 18 inch EUV lithography machine, process equipment, packaging equipment localization.
From the difficulty of the localization of the various aspects of the industry chain, equipment, manufacturing, packaging design is an indisputable fact. However, the recent domestic around up large semiconductor wafer fabrication production line in the east. China's equipment industry can seize this rare opportunity to achieve the goal of "made in China 2025"?
Domestic equipment in the end where?
China's semiconductor industry to achieve from the track to lead the leap, the equipment industry will be an important link. The domestic leading semiconductor equipment enterprises North microelectronics vice president Ji Ankuan think, has an important strategic significance of the development of domestic semiconductor equipment, domestic semiconductor equipment will significantly reduce Chinese chip manufacturers cost of investment, improve the competitiveness of Chinese chip manufacturing.
From the perspective of the industrial chain, not to mention the difficulty of technology, on the various aspects of adaptability in China, that is, the design of the packaging of the manufacturing equipment and materials. Industry experts Mo Dakang believes that the development of the equipment industry is the most difficult, in addition to funding, personnel and other issues, the most critical is the use of too little.
The difficulty of localization of semiconductor equipment embodied in the following five aspects:
Is a semiconductor equipment market has become more and more professional and globalization; two is the unique status of semiconductor equipment; three is due to the number of shipments, enterprises can not afford the equipment process test line costs; four is South Korea and China's Taiwan region has committed to the localization of equipment, but the effect is little, the current global market is still mainly by the United States and the Japanese corporate control, this is also from the side reflects the difficulty; five is the equipment industry needs industry environment.
How to break through the difficulties?
From the past two years of global semiconductor mergers and acquisitions tide, the most simple way to achieve the goal of domestic mergers and acquisitions seem to be mergers and acquisitions, the fastest way is to buy the patent from the market, the company has achieved technology transfer. And design, packaging, manufacturing, domestic semiconductor equipment industry is the weakest link, existing with other international leader, semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry market structure dispersed in the high-end market is almost completely monopolized by foreign countries, so the integration of the industry is also very difficult.
Since the acquisition is also difficult to achieve, it can only strive to narrow the gap, the real gap between domestic equipment is the lack of verification on the production line
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