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Multiple positive domestic semiconductor equipment manufacturers development prospects

Date:2017/2/7 17:20:59 Popularity:537
  International semiconductor equipment and Materials Association (SEMI) released the latest data show that in August the North American semiconductor equipment manufacturers orders shipped (B/B) value was 1.03, 9 consecutive months in more than 1, the display industry boom continued high. From the shipping performance, in August this year, the global shipments of $1 billion 710 million last month, compared with last year, an increase of $1 billion 580 million over the same period last year, $8.4%. Taiwan insiders said that the BB value and the amount of orders and shipments for 9 consecutive months to reach $1 billion 700 million, according to the industry to maintain high economic data will remain strong, the September season.
From the domestic situation, the semiconductor equipment industry on the one hand to benefit from the transfer of global industries to the mainland, the production line intensive construction equipment demand.
On the other hand, based on the equipment market has long been occupied by foreign companies, the policy support in the huge domestic alternative space. According to media reports, the Ministry of industry, development and Reform Commission and other integrated circuit industry to develop the field of policy guidance will be introduced during the year, the semiconductor equipment industry or become the focus. Multiple positive, the development prospects of domestic semiconductor equipment manufacturers.
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