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China's semiconductor consumption to win the whole market equipment localization is still facing five major difficulties

Date:2017/2/7 17:19:46 Popularity:635
  The first half of the global semiconductor market development is not optimistic, China semiconductor market performance is satisfactory, but the domestic equipment still faces five major difficulties, take measures to effectively promote the localization of semiconductor equipment reached an overall goal.
Global semiconductor market is not optimistic
Global semiconductor sales in May 2016 showed a slight growth, but still vulnerable to weak demand and the impact of the global economic boom paralyzed. According to the U.S. semiconductor industry association (SIA) released data show that in May 2016 the global chip sales reached $26 billion, compared with April growth of 0.4%, the highest is six months since the growth performance; and in June the global semiconductor sales of $26 billion 360 million, although the growth of 1.1%, but down 5.8%. Global semiconductor sales have declined for 12 consecutive months.
In addition, SIA released the first half of 2016 sales. Data show that in the first half of 2016, global sales fell by 5.8%. According to WSTS (World Semiconductor Trade Statistics released in June) the spring semiconductor market forecast, in 2016 the annual semiconductor market will be reduced by 2.4%, compared with the figures, the first half of the global semiconductor market development is not optimistic.
The overall development of China's semiconductor market is better
Although the global market is not optimistic, but China's semiconductor consumption continue to win the whole market, in 2015 consumption growth of 9%, reaching $150 billion, which is equivalent to the global accounting for 43%. Semiconductor imports are also increasing rapidly, and now has more than oil, China's largest import commodities. In addition, according to SIA released data show that in March 2016 China's semiconductor market sales growth of 1.3%, second only to Japan, becoming one of the world's few still maintain growth in the regional market.
Localization of China's semiconductor equipment faces five major difficulties
Although compared to the world, China's semiconductor market performance is quite satisfactory, but from the current trend, the growth rate of the IC industry in 2016 is expected to be only 5%. In addition, due to the existence of semiconductor devices on the local enterprises have a higher threshold, the current domestic rate is low. From the global and China market development status quo, the localization of China's semiconductor equipment still faces five major difficulties:
A semiconductor equipment market has become more and more professional and unique position of globalization; two, semiconductor equipment; three, the number of shipments, enterprises can not afford the equipment process test line costs; four, South Korea and China's Taiwan region have also committed to the localization of equipment, but the effect is little, the current global market is still mainly by the United States and the Japanese corporate control, this is also from the side reflects the difficulty; five, equipment industry to industry environment.
Take measures to reach a comprehensive domestic power semiconductor
In order to break through the five difficulties, to speed up the localization process of China semiconductor manufacturing, "China 2025" for the localization of semiconductor equipment made clear requirements: before 2020, the localization of 90~32 in nano technology equipment localization rate reached 50%, 90 nanometer lithography machine, packaging and testing of critical equipment localization rate of 50%. Prior to 2025, 20 to 14 nanometer process equipment localization rate of up to 30%, to achieve localization of immersion lithography. By 2030, the realization of the 18 inch EUV lithography machine, process equipment, packaging equipment localization.
At the same time, the realization of the localization of semiconductor equipment also requires the coordination of all aspects of the industry chain and the environment. On the one hand, we should strengthen the training of the domestic supply chain of equipment parts. On the other hand, the industrial chain needs to cooperate with the development environment of the latter. To encourage the use of equipment to purchase domestic equipment, effective measures of landing. Only to enhance the enthusiasm and determination of equipment users to use domestic equipment, in order to effectively promote the full realization of the goal of localization of semiconductor equipment.
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